Picture 45As promised, I will be blogging continually through the Aspen Design Summit over the next few days, and I just arrived at http://www.dolce-aspen-hotel.com/ with its amazing mid-century modern architecture. On the slightly harrowing flight from Denver, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dr. Jay Parkinson, a physician from Brooklyn, NY who founded Hello Health. Hello Health is a social media platform that uses instant messaging and video chat technology to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship updated for today’s lifestyle.

Jay describes Hello Health this way on his blog.”As a member of Hello Health, you log in, tell us what’s wrong in your own words, then schedule an appointment just as easily as making an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar — and then a doctor shows up at your house at your requested time. And it costs about $50 cheaper than your typical office-based physician.”

Uh, brilliant.

“We’re modeling ourselves on consumer brands that have changed established industries much like FedEx, Toyota, Whole Foods, Zipcar, Netflix, and Apple. But we’re using our technology and a hyperlocal, neighborhood doctor’s office to change healthcare — to rescue both patients and doctors.”

So far, Hello Health has received inquiries from about 3,000 doctors around the country interested in becoming a part of this new concept, and about 1,500 patients have enrolled. According to Jay, Hello Health has received a relatively modest amount of funding from a small group of angel investors.

Here’s a short video to learn more about hello Health.