Picture 21As I was researching last week’s post about Bruce Nussbaum of Business Week, I came across this slideshow on the Small Business section of the BW website featuring 20 Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

I’ve found Twitter to be an invaluable new tool for connecting with people who have the same business interests as I do. In fact, many of my Merge topic ideas come from Tweets I receive. But Twitter can also be a massive waste of time if you don’t maintain your “follows” carefully. Of course, there are countless search engines that can aid in this process, but lists like this one are a great starting point. Business Week has added a short description and sample Tweet from each of their recommendations to help you determine if they are going to be worth your valuable time. If you’ve got an interest in entrepreneurship and you’ve been meaning to get into Twitter, this list is a great starting point. If you’ve already got a robust Twitter network, there might be some additions here that will add to the experience. Some of the recommendations are a bit obvious, like @richardbranson who is more fluff than insight. But others, like @chrisgillebeau or @fredwilson (two of my personal faves), and @BusinessDotGov (from the Federal Government site) offer some serious content tips on a daily basis.

One Tweet I just received:
Check out this Fast Company diagram of the “5 Second MBA” which was just Tweeted to me. Clever, and not too far from the truth!