Picture 17Bruce Nussbaum, contributing editor for Business Week and formerly the publication’s editor of Innovation and Design, is everywhere these days. I am continually getting directed to his blog, Nussbaum on Design on the Business Week site, and I also came across a very good video of Nussbaum at the recent ITT Institute of Design Strategy Conference (a preview of which is embedded below). Nussbaum is one of those freakish “Tom Friedman-esque” characters who has the ability to clearly recognize big trends without the benefit of years or decades of hindsight. He’s particularly tuned in to design thinking and how it is evolving as an area of practice.

In this blog post, he discusses the trend of design thinking and validates that this—rather than the creation of designed artifacts—is where the real activity and movement is happening for designers. And he’s quite bullish about it, pointing to several examples in the public and private sectors—domestically and internationally—where designers are playing increasingly central roles.

One area Nussbaum calls out as not keeping up with the pace is design education. I’ve discussed the immense challenges facing design educators many times on Merge, and Nussbaum’s critique is further evidence of the complex puzzle educators must solve to integrate this new strategic component into a very crowded curricula. Nussbaum cites the example of where businesses are turning to find help bringing design thinking into their organization—they’re turning to the leading design firms, not the leading design schools for guidance.

From the entrepreneurial perspective, there is an intriguing nugget of Nussbaum’s post in which he eludes to a new venture capital model being driven by designers. He highlights Fuseproject, Yves Behar’s amazing firm, as one to whom venture capitalists are turning to help identify new trends and product ideas. This puts the designer in a very influential position.

“A new VCD (Venture Capital Design) model is emerging. Yves Behar’s fuseprojects and others are funding new brands either directly or with partners. Designers are using their talent for spotting new trends and their ability to translate insights into new products and services to directly create new brands, instead of doing it for large companies.Venture Capital firms are turning to Behar and other Designers to bring them brands and concepts. This is a new role for Designers.”

Check out the site for the ITT Institute of Design Strategy Conference for more great videos, including a conversation with outgoing P&G CEO, A.G. Lafley.