Picture 15I’ve sited INC. Magazine in the past as a reliable resource for entrepreneurial info, and I was pleased to see that they seem to have refreshed their web presence recently with a variety of content and media upgrades. I particularly enjoy the Slideshows section, which is a collection of top 10 (or 20 or 30) lists with a refreshingly cool visual presentation using, of all things, illustration (remember when we used to hire illustrators to make cool art???). One Slideshow that intrigued me was this list of 18 Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now. While some of the industries are predictable, and others are simply not a great opportunity for the creative set (medical technology, accounting services), others are surprising, intriguing, and very much in need of design thinking: education technology (we know how void of design the average classroom is), candy (who knew the confectionery industry grew 3.7 percent in the last year?), and yoga products and services (as a yoga beginner myself, I can attest to the dire need for innovation here).

Picture 22Energy and Green Construction also appear on the INC. Slideshow and I’ve always considered communication designers to be ahead of the curve in incorporating green strategies into our work through a sensitivity to the materials we use. While breezing through the Alltop directory recently, I came across this dizzying (but really amazing) list of 200 Green Business Ideas compiled by blogger Meredith Gossland from the Green Business website. A few minutes of editing could probably have trimmed Meredith’s list in half, or so, nonetheless, it’s a thought-provoking overview and worth checking out.