Picture 15I’ve found BigThink.com to be a reliable resource for thoughtful, bite-sized videos on a variety of topics, from science to politics, from business to history—and design! The format is simple and elegant, and the conversation is smart and deep. Think of TED Talks in 3-minute segments, or The Charlie Rose Show without Charlie Rose. While the majority of the design-related postings have an architecture or fashion focus, occasionally there is some cross over into more a general design discussion or even a connection between design and business.

This clip is one of several they have from MoMA Design Curator, Paola Antonelli, who is no stranger to the communication design community having spoken at AIGA conferences in the past. Here she discusses the “economics” of design, by taking a more classical interpretation of the term economics (ie: the scale of one person to the rest of the world). It’s a compelling argument for the power of design and designers.

She also touches on one of my favorite connections—design and healthcare. If you have trouble playing this video, click here.