I’ve found the blog Boing Boing to be a lively, if a bit scattered, source for fresh takes on a variety of topics, from politics and pop culture to business and entrepreneurship—all with a vibe and voice that will resonate with creative thinkers. This video profiles a handful of entrepreneurs with roots in the creative world. It stops short of getting into the hardcore business stuff, which would have been interesting, but it’s well-produced and contains some inspirational stories about the journey from traditional creative biz to entrepreneurial venture.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2080783&dest=-1]

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In other design blog news, the groundbreaking SpeakUp has ceased publication, and the outpouring of commentary on the closing post is a tribute to the profound contribution SpeakUp—and it’s founders and editors Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio—made to the ongoing conversation on design. But before we could even come out of the mourning process, Armin and Bryony are back in the blogosphere with an intriguing new project called FPO: For Print Only, a blog dedicated to both the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production of printed matter. FPO asks: If print is dead, why are we still here? Check it out.