hat_21Here are two items that show the strength and apparent durability of the online social media space as an entrepreneurial frontier:

First, this Fast Company list gives snapshots of 11 top women entrepreneurs in the technology sector (Issue 132, February, 2009). I found this to be a great way to get a feel for where the buzz is in this business category that is evolving at warp speed. Not surprisingly, social media is where it’s at. Designers, check out Rashmi Sinha, founder of SlideShare, the online community for (hold your breath) Powerpoint users…with over a million registered users!

Second, the excellent blog, Groundswell, recently sited a study that found that 95% of interactive marketers plan to maintain or increase their current level of investment in social technology. The study was conducted last December when the economic outlook was at least as gloomy as it is now, demonstrating that the strong growth of social media might carry it through the recession (or at least the next year).

Obviously this is good news for designers who are active in this space, and a big hint for those who are not.